Infoque offer the service of the select of distributor for Latin America and the subsequent support and monitoring of him.

We  work in order to:

-          Analyze the market for your product (product profile, competitiveness, analyze players in the market)


Select the right distributor.

To do so, we study the candidates and we qualify them  according to a score.

They have to fulfill  the folowing items:

To have Importer licenses

To Comply with the sanitary rules for registration, storage and commercialization of products.

To Position the brand according to the guidelines of the Company.

To Promote the product in the appropriate segments (Physician, Laboratory, POC, etc.)

To Develope sales management

To Quote the product in the private sector and in public tenders

To have Post-Sale Services Structure

To Provide knowledge, high level contacts and extensive experience in the sector


-          Support and Monitoring  in Sales and Products.


-          ​Make the subsequent monitoring of the operation by doing the follow up of:

 Sales Forecast.

Promotion and sales management, according to the product.

Frequency of Visits to target customers.

Effectiveness in closing sales.

Customer Service.

Quotes on Public Tenders.

Period Report

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